Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The Shift


Beating inside a hungry heart, a breath of thirst to see in the dark

While every cell vibrates seeking unity of song

With flowing strength to break free of what has been told 

This potent warrior travels like a vessel in a storm

A solitary note in a symphony of noise

Because it only manifests after much unrest

Destined to reach a searching soul 

The Shift 

For the one who dares to create his world 

And the one who braves the fears who've taken hold 

To not waste a minute more of senseless choice

And dispel the illusions that scar his voice  

Most necessary, it is by default, a welcomed friend along the road

The Shift arrives when the old must die. 

Copyright 2013© Lorena Suarez
Written by: Lorena Suarez
All rights reserved

Music by John Barry/Somewhere in Time