Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Lord

Dear Lord
When you are ready to open the door

 Allow me to have a glimpse

Of things I did when kindness I failed to give,

Of Actions I took in the past

When my wrongs happened too fast!

Of hurt I caused

To those I lost!

Dear Lord

Let me understand

That the path to find

Was always at my command!

That the blame I placed

Was out of fear to face

Most of the mistakes I made

Of opportunities I did not take!

And when the road led two ways

I chose the easiest one and strayed!

Now Lord, do I get a second chance?

If the life I've lived does not withstand

The test of love so here I stand!

You've opened the door and upon a review of my life

I stand before you and comply,

And ask of you if there is time

To let me stay and set things right!

Written by: Lorena Suarez
Copyright 2013 ©
All rights reserved

Adagio in G Minor for Strings and Organ