Monday, January 21, 2013

"Black on Black"

"The legacy of our past, however lived, serves as a source of strength to shape and guide us on the path to tackle anything we will accomplish, experience and bring forth with us to create a future"
I know that in my case, when I was put through the test of fire, I made a choice to deal with difficult circumstances in a way that would allow me to survive and keep my inner core intact.  With the knowledge that I would still retain an innocence of heart to not become a cynical person, reacting in anger to a crisis within a world that was crumbling with loss and pain all over!

Thus, I wrote this poem from my experience turning,

"Black on Black"

The chips were stacked
     my plans were hacked!

Things had taken a turn
    from which I had no return!

And when I was flat on my back
    I had to turn black on black!

A swirl of motion
    demands with emotion!

I know not what to do
    cause this job pulls me through!

I think my dreams are dashed
    but I keep it strong, go on and smash!

Among trays and Queens and linens and things
    I move on, put up and think!

That if I stay here I won't hear
    the music that plays outside, I fear!

   This job's not for me
    I have tons of talent you see!

However, I search my soul
    and before I end up very old, working this job I now perform
             I'm to be wise and to hold
                  to my heart's desire and be bold!

To not think that this is the end
               cause black on black does amend
                         my needs for now my good friend!

 So I go off to work
 serve scrumptious banquets and meet great folk!

Whose dreams and wants they breathe, just as I do
 I concede!

So in between sweat, water pitches and tray jacks
     I keep my purpose, dream on and stay on track!

And understand that for the time at hand
     I have bills to pay, food to eat and a big job to land!

So I work hard for a chance to get back
     if just for now, I remain black on black!


Copyright 2011© Lorena Suarez
All rights reserved

(In the Service Industry, the term "black on black" refers to wearing black pants and black shirt when you get called in to serve at a function)