Monday, December 10, 2012

The Power of 2

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I write out of my own cognition to express what my heart knows and sees! 


I saw the Universe when I was a child!


No more!    An object’s mass does not necessarily equate the amount of energy it contains since it fails to account for the object’s untapped  potential to generate more energy than it weighs in mass.

We view an object as a solid piece of just mass!  This is what has inhibited our growth so far; a limited perception of what surrounds us at every level.  Because of our adherence to traditional science, we’ve built a brick wall of restrictions in a world where new discovery is only validated if proven and tested by traditional physical laws and imagination is laced by ridicule if it doesn't make sense.  If we visualize knowledge in any form, it must be through the rigidity and stagnancy of methods created by those who dictate the tempo.  Their science now begs for expansion and free expression.   The Universe is filled with millions of possibilities that we need to explore and until we accept that our perception of reality and what exists in our physical world, is not necessarily explained by the scientific laws we have created so far, then....... a new door opens.  Science cannot break the code of life because it looks to it through a blurred glass.  

In the beginning there was God and before...... there was a void.  God could have originated in order to experience all that was created out of the void.  “Energy is a Continuum from Absence”

Does the energy of God exist to experience creation?  Without a Universe and everything that is, then why was there a need for God?  This is an outrageous question because it places the existence of God as contingent upon creation, meaning if the Universe did not exist, there would not be a God.  If we ourselves are part of the whole, of God, and God was created, then we are active participants of how God experiences creation, in a diminutive scale (as there are other million creations we don’t know I’m sure) we are part of the purpose for God’s creation.

The Measurement Problem / Quantum theory = the theory that it is impossible to measure both energy and time (or position and momentum) completely accurately at the same time.

An electron which leaves as a single particle of matter becomes a wave of potentials and then interferes with itself to become one again.  This same process changes when it is viewed by an observer, the very act of viewing the process affects the behavior of a particle.   It is as if the particle knows it’s being watched.   This problem has rattled the scientific world since it was discovered and even Einstein could not come to grips with it.   There have been numerous experiments to understand why this happens and there is still confusion as to why.  This is ample evidence that once we build theories and laws, we do not accept a deviation of that which we are testing or observing, if it does not correspond within our sense of perception up to that point.  Of course if we changed our sense of perception, then we could tackle the “problem” on another angle couldn’t we?  Could it be that the Measurement Problem is actually not a problem but a solution!   The very behavior of an electron when is being observed should be a clue to what makes up matter, and that is, electrons behave differently when observed because they are part of an intelligent field of energy.   Everything that exists has intelligence.  The randomness of things in the Universe is a way to express consciousness, because every bit of energy is autonomous in a system that operates in harmony with itself.    


Torus = An example of how consciousness recycles and reconfigures itself to continue expressing unlimited combinations of possibilities.

The Universe requires this system of motion in order to be self-observing and continue expanding.  The very act of recycling means to bring in all parts of the old in order to use it again or make up new versions of whatever we need to create.  The same energy is re-used by the Universe to make the transition into new possibilities, new combinations.  We humans are a recycling machine because we have molecules from ancestors that lived thousands of yeas ago and originated when the Universe was created.  The same molecules get recycled with the birth of each new generation.  Through the ages we have evolved and will continue doing so, our conscious awareness of everything that surrounds us expands and on a huge scale this is what’s happening to the Universe, it continuously gains knowledge.


Positive and Negative = One is transformed from the other.

A blueprint to understanding a basic concept.  The duality of things.  Energy   moves about through combinations that allow it to either increase or transform it’s growth.  There is no good or bad answer because in order for one to work it has to emanate from the other.  On a human scale we’ve built a cause and effect process, when we practice both, which carry certain results in accordance with our level of conscious harmony or lack of it.  


Higgs Boson Particle = The God Particle (A hypothetical, massive subatomic particle with zero electric charge whose existence would explain the masses of the elementary particles).

I believe the Higgs particle is pure Consciousness.  Consciousness cannot be measured because it is ever flowing, ever creating.  Even if Scientists claim to have found a particle that behaves just like the Higgs particle would, they still need to be prepared for this:

Every bit of Energy flows in the Universe as awareness of itself and awareness sprung out by the Power of Creation.  Conscious intention to create was born out of the void.



2  is the value of God