Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"THE LION"............... written by Lorena Suarez

Copyright © 2011 [Copyright Lorena Suarez]
All rights reserved

The Lion that lives in me

   thirsts with passion
      and unrivaled adventures to seek!

Tired of the monotonous beat of the drum
     roaring with a thunderous cry
       he refuses to follow suit
         of those who've carved their marks in pursuit!

This lion cannot be tamed 
     a thousand deaths he has endured!

His heart is gold and scarred with hope
     he ventures roads too hard to take
        for others in his kingdom to even contemplate!

This Lion knows for he fears not
      a million battles he has fought!

He's learned to live with friend or foe
     dispenses mercy without fault
        He's been injured many times
          but refrains from vengeance often times!

His weakness lies beneath his skin
     so full of love that lies within!

In all the jungles of the world
     his roar is heard as he grows bold
       nor age, nor fear, nor thought alike
          to those who battle by his side!

This Lion knows that there's a way
    when danger is present every day
      he lives, he roars, he walks with pride
        a humble soul in paradise!

There's much to walk and much to see
     a brand new Universe he foresees!

The seeds are sown 
    the light has shone
       and what it is can be undone
          if not to change what's in the past
             but to reinvent a life that lasts! 

 "Now we are Free"/Gladiator Theme