Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Path with Reverence!

It has been a few months since I sincerely lost touch with what it is that I wanted to accomplish by being an Environmentalist and a Project Coordinator for the Living Earth Ecological Group.  When I started, I had an unparalleled level of commitment, an overflowing amount of passion and a feeling of contentment to associate with environmentalists and to work on the project to build an Eco Community to educate people to respect and live in harmony with our Mother Earth. 

I made contacts with great people, important people in the fields that are significant, such as Solar, Wind, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Organic Gardening, Environmental Activists, and then......, I got sidetracked! I lost my path.  I worked so hard to build these relationships, these contacts and the knowledge I gained, and then..........? 
            One thing happened; the crunch of social, economic and geopolitical problems that plague our every day life started affecting me, really affecting me.  In the scheme of things I was asking myself, how important is it to get off the grid? or to plant an organic garden? or to install a windmill? when all around us our economy is dissolving, great natural disasters are happening, Countries are crumbling, people are dying in wars, drug addictions amongst our youth are growing at an alarming rate!  Our way of life is no more, at least not the way it used to be!  This dilemma shook my very core.  To reconcile the idea that working as an environmentalist in today’s world can make a difference.  Really?

I am asking more powerful questions now, how can I make a difference, how can our group The Living Earth make a difference?       I suppose that if I understand that this world crisis is very much a part of a Universal plan to align all of us, humanity with the animal and natural kingdoms, as painful and hard as the horrors, trials and tribulations we're going through today are, then it’s clear that this never ending succession of disasters can make sense.  How else were we going to change? How can we really learn to live in unity with our surroundings? How else can we appreciate anything in our natural world if it doesn’t explode with earthquakes or tsunamis? How dare we change the purity of our Oceans by polluting them by our greed for oil? Why do we risk poisoning our Earth with plutonium just because using Nuclear power is “financially viable”?.......How can we respect the animal kingdom and our Mother Earth if we were taught to believe that we are the supreme beings, amongst other beings, and that we can act with impunity when we trash our planet, kill each other and abuse and slaughter our animals, just because we are humans!

However we may want to call it, the Universe is teaching us a lesson! that no matter how advanced our technology and our knowledge is, we are no match against the fury of Mother Earth, and I thank God for that!  Still, seeing so much suffering hurts me, it affects me because I love all beings, I love everything that is and I’m at a crossroad where I am learning that the first thing I have to do in order to go on, even in the midst of disastrous events, is to walk a path with reverence!   ............

To be continued!

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