Monday, March 14, 2016

Here is "Beautiful", now in celebration of Ashley's life..!!


An Angel’s whisper blew with the wind

To carry a message sent by him

It proclaims that as you arrived

The Lord embraced you with happiness and smiled

It announces that you came home to Heaven’s light

Because you fulfilled the promise you made 

Just before you left his side

To keep your heart shinning here on Earth forever bright

And to love all who shared your presence with all your might
He says your task on Earth, however brief
Was to love and smile because you were his gift

And to those who loved you and enjoyed your life

He thanks them forever for loving his child

And he says that one day in the future, somewhere in time
You’ll be reunited and to hold on tight

And that in case they miss the bliss of your precious smile

To open their hearts with wonder to the miracle of life

Because you are a sunny sky, flowers that bloom, 

The sun that shines, the mountains on all continents, 

The meadows on all lands

The rivers that flow to the oceans, the rain on a stormy night

The gentle breeze that blows everywhere

With the essence of your loving heart

And thanks all for appreciating your beauty
And says he’ll keep you safe, loving you forever 

And twinkling in the sky

Always to shine with love, ever so bright

You'll stay Beautiful now, before and for ever more

God needed his treasured Angel safe with him

And hopes all who loved you will understand!

((((((((In Memory of  Ashley)))))))

Written by: Lorena Suarez
Copyright 2013 ©
All rights reserved